Further developments for Four Rivers (2021)

aim to develop a 24 hour version utilising Pure Data, loops, quasi random selection of audio clips, user activated audio cassette playback, deployed live through a multi speaker system. (by live we mean, every iteration is slightly different or amazingly different dependant on the startup configuration)

Scratch Films (2020-2021)

Late 2020 we worked on producing 16mm scratch films for on8mil Cameraless Film Competition further info here

Four Rivers (2019-20)

Tom edited a version of Four Rivers (Glasgow Edit) for submission to Radiophrenia 2020 which has been selected for broadcast during the 9th-22nd November. The broadcast schedule will be available the first week of November. Further info here

Four Rivers is a group produced work exploring river soundscapes using field recordings, processed audio and in the first instance, a thirty minute work was created. Further info