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At Smiths Row, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK. Including Video and Super 8 Installation, Performance and wall based works. Co-created with the Cambridge Super 8 Group presenting the diverse use of Super 8 and other low gauge film formats by artists since the 1960’s. cambridge-super8 org site

Details at the Smiths Row Flicker site (Unfortunately Smiths Row has closed and the site is no longer functional.)

BellArtLabs contributed the following works to Flicker.

South – A Journey in Super 8. The performance South by Tony Scott and Chris Mizsak was performed at Smiths Row on the 22rd March. South uses live spoken word, sound and Super 8 projections to tell the story of two characters, a saint and a biker, who travel through different landscapes and time scales, eventually reaching the same destination. Filmed and edited entirely on Super 8mm, the work is performed as a triptych of three projected films, exploring the perspectives of the two characters within the landscape itself.

Performance of South at The Swan in Lawshall, Suffolk.

Postcard View, St Mary’s Island by Tom Scott has been developed as part of a series of works investigating the landscapes of the east coast of England important way markers are Walthamstow Marshes, North London. Malden, Essex. Gibraltar Point, Lincolnshire and St Mary’s Island, North Tyneside. In this postcard view – light, texture and wind movement are important aspects of the work, the postcard format creates a more focused viewpoint of the observed landscape. Shot with Super 8 film, time lapse and digitally processed and looped. Further info at Postcard View, St Mary’s Island. Super 8, Digital, Installation

Postcard View

Random Art Generator by Colin Dawar. Is based on a super8 projector with a clear film loop going through it. Ink is dropped onto the film and it’s them smeared and smudged by a sponge and toothbrush as the film goes past. The film is then dried using a hair dryer and projected. The idea is that the film is clear when the exhibition starts and completely black by the end. Created entirely with Super 8 and coloured inks. Further info at artnoodle